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- - - - -
There has been growing speculation, in some quarters, that Mitt Romeny is considering another run at the Presidency.
- - - - -

Did I do the right thing?

Today marks 180 days since my Darling Kathy passed away.
- - - - -
My Darling Kathy passed away Tuesday the 14th, pretty much without warning, and I am not dealing with it very well.
- - - - -
Why is it that when Bush was President he was described as a "failed" leader when even the need for a debt limit increase was necessary, yet Obama is not a "failed" leader when it is necessary now?
- - - - -
No link, not that they don't exist, just a question or two, and some comments on the Roger Clemens PED Trial.
- - - - -
I don't know if many people have heard much about the "National" 9/11/01 Memorial that is taking shape at the site of the WTC in NYC.
- - - - -

Is it just me, or.....?

FOX News, and elsewhere, are reporting that the Communist Government owned Oil Company, CNOOC, is looking to invest some 2 billion dollars (1 billion in cash) to acquire a 33.3% stake in the control of some 600,000 acres of oil shale producing property.
- - - - -

Ah, damn!

Watching BBC America World News this morning.
- - - - -

Ya know.....

Another in a series of 'things' that just go to prove how screwed up we are as a Country.
- - - - -

Over the top?

The NFL season starts for real today.
- - - - -

Six days in September

It's an AP source, so no links or quotes or the usual stuff.
- - - - -

Another of those 'things'

OK, everyone should have seen this commercial on TV by now.
- - - - -

One of those 'things'

One of those things that just irritates me to no end.
- - - - -


Watching the baseball game on FOX, Padres at Giants from San Francisco.
- - - - -
While the First Round of the PGA Tournament is not yet finished, Tiger Woods finished his early day round at 2 under par, two shots out of the lead. There are other players to play later in the day, and it's likely they will push him futher down the leader board.

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