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The Media Tries To Conscript Generals Into Their Anti-Trump War Some wax hopeful about a civil-military war Rate Topic: -----

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#1 User is offline   Liz 

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  Posted 22 November 2018 - 12:44 AM

The Media Tries To Conscript Generals Into Their Anti-Trump War

David Ignatius is only the latest to wax hopeful about a civil-military crisis.

The American Conservative
By Edward D. Chang
November 21, 2018


U.S. Defense Secretary James N. Mattis and Marine Corps General James Dunford in New Delhi, India Sept. 6, 2018. (DOD photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Dominique A. Pineiro)

In their ongoing attempt to fan the Resistance, the media has been breathlessly speculating over whether top civilian and military leaders will openly defy President Donald Trump’s troop deployment to the U.S.-Mexican border.

Over the last several days, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford have been peppered with loaded questions about the border mission and even encouraged to challenge the president. Most recently, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, who speaks straight from the belly of the foreign policy establishment, @line รับ เครดิต ฟรี2019spent an entire column suggesting that Mattis was losing credibility for not taking a stand.

Ignatius apparently believes Mattis and Dunford should openly question Trump’s order to send 6,000 troops to the border to deal with the approaching caravan of Central American migrants. This is no light suggestion: it undermines the critical norms and principles concerning civilian control of the military.

The problem begins with Ignatius’s description of Mattis as “a stand-up guy—the sort of independent, experienced leader who can steady the nation in a time of division?(emphasis added). While intended to be a compliment, this remark exposes either ignorance or an attempt to mislead the public as to the role and responsibility of the secretary of defense.

“Mattis certainly possesses an ‘independent intellect,’” Giselle Donnelly, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, told TAC. “But he’s very much a core component of the military’s chain of command, second only to the commander-in-chief.?Donnelly added that the secretary can function as a check on the president, but the position does not exist for the purpose of obstructing the commander-in-chief. Rather, Mattis is supposed to be the executor of policies formulated in the White House. If he cannot fulfill this function, the president is well within his right to relieve him of his duties.

Author and commentator Colonel Douglas Macgregor (Ret.) was blunter, saying, “[Mattis] in no way functions in an independent capacity.?He described the op-ed as just another episode in the ongoing political squabble between Trump and the “Resistance.?Both he and Donnelly said Ignatius had little basis for making a call for such drastic action. America is not approaching a “red line,?as Ignatius described it, where Trump is about to commit a tragic error requiring intervention.

If Mattis harbors any reservations about Trump’s decision making, he has a responsibility to duly advise, warn, and suggest alternate courses of action to his superior. In fact, if the accounts in journalist Bob Woodward’s recent expos?/a> are accurate, it’s clear that Mattis has differed from the president before and is willing to express opposition to his boss (though the manner in which he did stirred controversy).

But ultimately, Trump and Mattis constitute a team, with Trump as team leader. As Mark Nevitt, Sharswood Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and former Navy JAG, explains, the chain-of-command “places the civilian president and defense secretary as partners in ensuring civilian control over the uniformed military. Trump and Mattis are the legal guarantors of civilian control within the executive branch, not Mattis and Dunford.?This means neither the media nor the public should expect the secretary and chairman to “save?the military from the commander-in-chief.

Failure to enforce the president’s ultimate authority on military matters could also lead to the normalization of open disobedience, especially if it comes to be perceived as virtuous. “If the secretary disobeys the president once, it can easily happen again,?Donnelly warned, adding, “Ignatius is playing with fire.?br />

Full Commentary

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Posted 22 November 2018 - 02:19 AM

It's almost funny watching the left hyperventilating and flailing for anything to stop the demolition of their ruinous progressive agenda and how far they're willing to descend to pull off anything. At the very least it should be opening many more eyes as to their malice and ill intent towards our constitutional republic. Question is... are there enough freedom loving Americans left to keep up the momentum.

#3 User is online   Taggart Transcontinental 

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Posted 22 November 2018 - 09:16 AM

Isn't it amazing, the media was looking for any dissent in the military as a means to build up Obama, now the same look for dissent is so they can undermine Trump. Treason either way.

#4 User is offline   Noclevermoniker 

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Posted 22 November 2018 - 09:04 PM

If a phalanx of invading conservative, Christian Swedes were storming the gates to gain asylum, you can bet these same asshats would be pleading with Mattis to repel them by any means necessary.

This post has been edited by Noclevermoniker: 22 November 2018 - 09:38 PM


#5 User is online   Dean Adam Smithee 

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Posted 23 November 2018 - 06:33 PM

View PostTaggart Transcontinental, on 22 November 2018 - 09:16 AM, said:

Isn't it amazing, the media was looking for any dissent in the military as a means to build up Obama, now the same look for dissent is so they can undermine Trump. Treason either way.

There is/was a member (Was it "Danny"?) who had a signature line: "The Media is no longer the "fourth estate" but the "fifth column""

Off-hand, I'm inclined to believe it.

#6 User is offline   Severian 

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Posted 23 November 2018 - 07:29 PM

And all members of the new Fifth Column are vying for coveted Leni Riefenstahl Award for Journalism. Triumph Of The Swill indeed.

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